Savvy Blogging Summit 2011

Having attended the Savvy Blogging Summit in 2010, I was extremely excited to attend in 2011. Not only because I was going to be able to see some of my best blogging friends but also to learn and connect with companies who will help me grow my blog. Like last year, I was not disappointed.

The Savvy Blogging crew puts on a great learning experience. Thinking of things such as a monetization expo and partnering with companies to give all attendees professional head shots to use on their websites. The sessions included practical accounting tips, legal sessions, working with brands, on camera tips, and many more!

Even though I’ve been blogging for over three years, there is so much to learn. I still have a few thing left to do on my to do list from 2010 and I’ve added quite a few more on my 2011 to do list. Including venturing out a trying new things such as a doing more vlogs, working on my ebook, and updating my media kit to a “one sheeter.”

Amy Clark from gave a fantastic keynote address which led to not just one but two standing ovations. She is not only successful in our field, she is humble, sweet, and very kind. This was a great pick for the keynote address and she totally deserved the Cheyenne Mountain Resort Presidential Suite.

The first night I was on such a “I’m with people who get me” high,  that I almost crashed from exhaustion later that evening due to the two hour time difference. Or maybe it was the cupcake high from the cupcake truck party after the dinner, which included dessert. Either way, I was hyped up and a little disoriented as I introduced myself to the same blogger twice within a 15 minute time span. “It’s the altitude.”

“It’s the altitude.”

Yes, that was a common phrase heard at the Savvy Blogging Summit. Though, the altitude was not nearly as much of a factor to me this year as it was to me in 2010. The previous year, it was held in Breckenridge and it seriously affected me. So much so that I could have told you I have altitude sickness and my oxygen levels were dangerously low.

Of course, they weren’t. However, they could have been low for me. A spa oxygen treatment did help me recover a bit in Breckenridge.

The conference this year was in Colorado Springs at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort. The rooms were lovely.

The view was breathe taking.

The learning went on for two full days. Sessions were in full force from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Including dinners where you could mix it up with blogging buddies. The small atmosphere of the summit allowed a friendly and warm conversation to develop with sponsors and other blog partners.

I enjoyed every single session I attended even if sometimes I felt like my brain was going to explode from information overload. This is the best learning conference for blogging, I’ve attended.

Bloggers are Smart

Not only were the official speakers and sessions great. I gained so much knowledge from my fellow bloggers. There is a wealth of information to be had just by asking.

One of my favorite aspects of the summit was the “Mentoring” time. This was the time I asked my group about vlogging since I knew a couple of them were experienced in this area. I also heard some tips on eBooks from Angie and Tiffany.

In a informal discussion with my roomie Mindi, I learned about the Remember the Milk gadget you can add to your google home page. This little tip is helping me become ON top of my tasks.

Then it was time for work time, which was scheduled in as part of the summit. My brain was so overloaded at this point, I couldn’t concentrate enough to do any actual work.

Almost Over

The last night, we had a lovely evening at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Some even were brave enough to feed the giraffes.

I’m hoping to implement all the good information I learned from the sessions and other bloggers in the upcoming months. In the mean time, I’ve already purchased my ticket for Savvy Blogging 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia!

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